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About Hammer Back Series

Hammer Back Series is a series (TM 55, TM 65, TM130, & TM 180) for water well drilling which is hydraulically powered and designed for mud drilling, air drilling and down the hammer drilling .

Combination of circulating system and drill pipe will enable drilling in semi – consolidated /  consolidated formation using air / air foam / mud rotary or DTH depending upon the formation with suitable accessories and tools 



  • Derrick mast to handle 3-6 m for handle drill pipe or casing pipe
  • Cummins DCEC (Water Cooler) deck mounted diesel engine to drive hydraulic system
  • Smart Engine Control unit for saving fuel & control drilling operating load
  • Start and Stop engine touch button
  • High Torque rotary drive (2500 – 9000 Nm) with two hydraulic motor
  • High torque hydraulically operated breakout wrench to make and brake out drill pipe joint
  • Auxiliary winch for handling drilling accessories
  • Single driller console and control
  • Four enclosed hydraulic leveling jack
  • Drilling pipe handling elevator and tools
  • Maintenance and overhaul tool box
  • Quality welding machine 300 A, 60% duty cycle & portable generator 8000 watt machine
  • Low cost, maintenance, spare part and operating drilling.

Water Well Drilling Rig Hammer Back Series

Hammer Back TM-55

Mud Rotary Drilling

hummer back tm65

Hammer Back TM-65

Mud Rotary Drilling

hummer back tm-130

Hammer Back TM-130

Mud Rotary, Air Rotary Drilling, DTH Drilling

hummer back tm180

Hammer Back TM-180

Mud Rotary, Air Rotary Drilling, DTH Drilling

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